Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sugarplum brothers are back solo

Pop-rock-band Sugarplum Fairy appeared back in 2004 with leaders Victor and Carl Norén who turned to be brothers of singer Gustaf Norén of already established then Mando Diao. Band has made a blast from the very first steps. Melodic brit-pop singles like "Stay Young" and "Sweet Jackie" put them on the spot not only in Sweden but internationally as well. So along with constantly promoted and relatively successful music in Sweden they worked on their career in Germany and Japan. Single "The Escapologist" could be seen on many music channels around Europe. After a band have taken pause year before we're getting both Norén brothers back solo in approximately the same time.
Firstly Carl Norén premiered his new single "The Anger" presented his music as more melancholic and thoughtful than probably would be expected by Sugarplum Fairy fans.
In a few days another brother - Viсtor will perform his own single "When We Were 10" under a new name Viktorious and it's something completely different but very exciting as due to trailer his new music promises to be impressive electro-pop debut with extravagant and controversial image of the artist so we carefully keep our hand on a pulse of both projects.

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