Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jill Johnson - Stumble And Fade Away

Country-queen and one of the most beautiful singers of Sweden Jill Johnson is back with compillation "The Well-Known And Some Other Favourite Stories" containing 2 discs of old hits with some brand new songs and live-disk. Whole pack is going to be released on October 27th and the first single "Stumble And Fade Away" is already out!
Jill Johnson's music career has started back in 80ies when she being teenager started touring as vocalist around Scandinavia in country group Tomboola Band and released her first hit "Sugar Tree" in Denmark, later in 1996 she's released her first hit "Kommer tid, kommer vår" in Sweden in duet with Jan Johansen (winner of Melodifestivalen-1995). That was quite interesting point as in 2 years she won Melodifestivalen-1998 herself with the song "Kärleken är" (with lyrics inspired by Princess Diana's story that attracted attention of Brittish press). Seems like creative activity of Jill never took big pauses so she was recording albums with some top Nashville musicians, made successful records in Denmark and sure got loads of attention in Sweden. However first really successful record was released by Jill in 2003 right after her comeback to Melodifestivalen with hit "Crazy In Love" that achieved 4th place in final and compilation "Discography" released in a month sold platinum and received Grammis. All the later albums of Jill coming out rarely with period more than year got to Top-5 and now time has come for another compilation of Jill's greatest hits.
First single "Stumble And Fade Away" is amazing country-pop song with slight touch of some Celine Dion's biggest hits and all passion and charm of Jill's vocal. Check it right now!

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Paul said...

oh it's lovely. I'm only really aware of her Christmas On My Own and I absolutely adore that song any time of year! This isn't too dissimilar to that so I feel I should definitely pick up the hits collection!

Damian said...

It's Jill's common style, radio-friendly country-pop, pleasant qualitative and with fantastic voice so I think you're gonna love this collection!