Friday, October 22, 2010

Minora - A New Dawn

Hold on guys! Time for a bit of metal rock. As you've mentioned I try to open you different sides of Swedish music and rock part of this world also deserves attention, it doesn't mean I'm gonna scare you with some too extreme rock-styles, only commercial melodic bands.
New breakthrough on a metal stage was recently arranged by Göteborg's band Minora. This group exists already 8 years and already managed to overcome complete break 4 years ago but few years ago they've come back and finally stepped out on the road of success performing and making new material so finally this year we've got fresh single "A New Dawn" and real plans for debut album that's gonna be released very soon. Talking about "A New Dawn" - it's piano-based powerful rock-song song with beautiful tune blasting in a chorus and expressive pleasant male vocal. Amazing Autumn rock-sountrack!
If you like "A New Dawn" I would also recommend you another Minora's track "Between the window glass".

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