Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Non Tiq - Quiet

Here I'm gonna present debut single "Quite" of completely fresh indie-artist Non Tiq (thanx for the tips to This Must Be... Pop!).
Nora Lindqvist who hides under name Non Tiq has entered huge music industry relatively not long ago. In 2008 she has met producer Karol Machata in Stockholm and both found that they see the music they want to create very similar so they started this process and performed debut single "Quiet" that's actually just a start before forthcoming album "Love Machine" planned for release in 2011.
"Quiet" is very complicated by atmosphere and mood track, it's light and dark, careless and depressive, melancholic and cheerfull, but what is the least arguable about this track is loads of aesthetics and beauty combined with very special intonation of Nora. Video also marks originality and mistique of this new project so check it right now. You can listen to mixes for "Quite" here.

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