Sunday, October 17, 2010

Webbjoker for Melodifestivalen-2011: Final sorting-out

I did it! I've sorted out all webbjokers to Melodifestivalen-2011 so huge congratulations to me. Finally I can say that 53 songs (that is little less than quarter) sound nice so there's huge choise of presented stuff and already tomorrow only 100 of songs will stay in competition so I'll put the rest of pleasant ones right now.

RnF - Echo love (148) - Danny-verses and nice poppy choruses, don't know where's soul or r'n'b here but it's very good song!
RnF - Stepped into you (273) - it has even more Danny but this time it's more r'n'b and the song is actually again quite qualitative.

Clarity - Torn (288) - piano-based calm rock ballad with nice melodic vocal.

Lillian Hörnberg och Mattias Gummesson - En saga har blivit sann (152) - atmospheric schlager-folk song that could be hit being performed by Timoteij.
Jenny och Sanna - Oknytt (330) - traditional Swedish folk-song, quite charming in vein of One More Time.

Natalie - Just a dream (204) - gentle song sounding like soundtrack to French films, beautiful vocal with jazzy manner.
Conny Andersson - Kura Skymning (208) - another charming song in this category, probably not competition song but I don't mind of having it in my player.

Ann-Christine Johansson - Sanningen ska segra (255) - aggressive female rock with nice attitude.

Ballad pop
Julia Alvgard - Better or worse (118) - beautiful modern r'n'b balad with ultra-catchy chorus.
Rebecka Andom - I'll Kill You (191) - calm and pleasant American music inspired ballad with enjoyable vocals and huge personality, international hit-stuff.
Niklas Dahlquist - Här står jag för dig (180) - verrrrry Swedish schlager-ballad with ready schlager-artist attached.
Fabian - Simple life (262) - simple piano-song about simple life but vocal delivers it quite interesting way so it goes quite catchy.
Albin Loán - Tänker på dig (295) - it's like Darin singing some classic Swedish ballad, rough demo for now but feels like having potential.

Twixie - Alone (107) - 90s dance track with autotuned vocals and sweet piano part.
Keylas - Crying in my dreams (131) - more modern dance song with dark meditative techno atmosphere.
Josefin Svensson - Now and forever (235) - back to 90s beat but with nice melody.

Tune in - A song for people like us (106) - teen rock with amazing melody in chorus sounding like hit in terms of proper production.
Tune in - Best of ways (116) - another great melody from this singer, interesting, original and with huge potential.
Tune in - Wish you weren't (a part of me) (312) - and I'm finally in love with this talented artist!
Anton & Dejo - I wanna be with you (185) - warm raggae-pop in a style of Lovestoned's "Rising Girl", worthy a lot!

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