Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jenny Berggren - Dying To Stay Alive

Being hardcore Jenny Berggren's follower I'm eager to tell you about any new leaked pieces of her album "My Story" and thanx for the tips to Oliver we get another new song "Dying To Stay Alive" from the album that's gonna be released already tomorrow and this new track was presented by Jenny on the radio today.
It's more agressive and dynamic pop-song comparing previous Jenny's singles with hard base, guitars and passionate vocal manner, it still has amazing tune and o-o-o part that can make you think about old good Ace Of Base of 90s.
By the way besides "Here I Am" (and Sthlm Sound Facility Remix that's also included in tracklist), "Free Me" and "Gotta Go" we're gonna listen another previously performed song "Give Me The Faith" - christian ballad presented by Jenny few years ago. Will it get new sound on the album? We will know very soon!

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Thank you sooooo much!!