Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kent - Ismael / Varje gång du möter min blick

Kent's releasing new double single with two A-sides "Ismael" and "Varje gång du möter min blick" from their latest #1 album "En plats i solen". Great double-shot with two tracks which in my opinion suits Autumn mood mostly.
"Ismael" is energetic electro-track with beautiful synth-keys, "Varje gång du möter min blick" is more thoughtful dark song with dramatic intro and rock-arrangement breathing with old Kent's albums sound. "Ismael" has already peaked at #13 that sounds definitely good for already released before album-track.
Hope next singles will be "Team building", "Passagerare" and "Minimalen" though if Kent's new trend is to release album tracks I don't mind having them all released on one EP!

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