Monday, October 11, 2010

Vincent - Baby Hurricane

Star of Vincent Pontare has risen on a Swedish music sky 3 years ago. Young artist with familiar name (his dad is Roger Pontare who won Melodifestivalen-2000) created his own unique combination of pop, raggae and retro that sounded very special way and immediately put him on the spot.
Vincent has started his music career from hip-hop trio Turbulent with single "Simple man" that attracted attention of Warner. Soon Sweden has got big breaktrough hit "Don't hate on me" establishing his own original sound in a bunch with not less interesting and pretty successful singles "P.a.r.a.d.i.s.e." and "Miss Blue" and the album "Lucky Thirteen" - one of completely best albums of 2007 in my opinion.
In that period Vincent working with LaCarr Music Production has already established himself as songrwiter and producer who wrote huge hits for Danny ("If Only You"), Amanda Jenssen ("Do You Love Me") and even wrote song "Evergreen" for Backstreet Boys that unfortunately wasn't released but you can find it on youtube and this is pretty awesome how it sounds more like Vincent than like BSB.
Year ago Vincent appeared on magazines covers as boyfriend of Swedish pop princess Agnes Carlsson and right now his back with news from his music part of life.
New single "Baby Hurricane" presents Vincent in quite different sound. Though you still can recognize Vincent but you could expect this work more from Salem al Fakir. Sweet melody and positive atmosphere of this song carries you to a small fairytale world, a little bit irrational, a little bit complicated but full of sunny Vincent's magic. Soon we'll get video for this song and you can already check trailer of it here.

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