Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Darin - Lovekiller (video)

Finally one of the best singles of the year "Lovekiller" by Darin Zanyar gets video out and it turned even darker than we expected by previews released before. It starts with shot of police investigating crime scene with singing dead Darin (a bit scary moment but we're gonna get many after). Later his soul's standing up and running walking through something representing afterlife worlds and getting to wardrobe when we meet that misterious lovekiller - quite hot lovekiller I should say looking like younger sister of Angelina Jolie, who's making her dark bloody work. And we're carried to the church where murderer is sued and Darin sing amazing culmination of the song that's touching to goosebumps especially in such decorations, idea is definitely that honey's gonna be judged for her crime sooner or later so take care of love dear readers so you're not gonna suffer as Darin or his love murdered afterwards.

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fashionandstyle said...

he's a king for me :)