Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Webbjoker Drama to Melodifestivalen-2011!!!

Webbjoker-contest has just begun and we've got 231 participants this year.
I'll remind you that SVT's making annual contest among unsigned, unprofessional artists second year and two winners of competition will participate in Melodifestivalen-2011.
Later today I'm gonna start writing about some nice discoveries of the contest as there you can find some definitely very interesting stuff but for now I can happily announce that Swedish Stereo's project Horoscope's participating in contest this year with the song "Drama". It's a huge anthemic pop-song combining some best moments of BWO and Lady Gaga that's going to be a great treat for next year MF. For now this demo is a bit rough and made just for few hours and doesn't show all the brilliance of the song but we're gonna remake it in nearest time and show you everything you love so much in the show - we're gonna get at least 50 windmachines, dance naked in the rain on the stage, set Globen on fire of our fireworks, fly under the roof of stadium and lead herds of elephants. Oh are animals forbidden at Eurovision? Come on! Who cares? We're gonna break all the rules! Gaga keeps calling since morning and begs for this song, but we have to refuse as we want it to be performed at Melodifestivalen first!
So if you live in Sweden send sms with number 143 at 72211 (it costs 3,60 kr), click at Facebook like button under this post, spread the word about "Drama" and you will get the most amazing performance at Melodifestivalen-2011 and our eternal love!!!

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