Saturday, October 9, 2010

Velvet Code - Follow You Follow Me

I keep talking about some great works of our beloved Swedish songwriters and producers for international artists and this one is definitely one that no one Swedish pop-fan can pass by!!!
Peter Boström aka Bassflow has produced new single "Follow You Follow Me" of Brittish artist Velvet Code. Velvet Code is relatively new artist who has fallen into the spot of international blogging community recently with his electro-pop song "Say You Love Me", "Follow You Follow Me" is announced as his debut single though and already out. Though the work is brilliant example of modern Swedish dance-pop that you could expect from such huge artists like September or Danny and screams to be international hit few weeks ago Velvet Code donated it to Mentoring and Befriending Foundation's campaign called Supporting Life's Journeys to raise awareness about the importance of mentoring and befriending in today's society. Velvet Code's message about "Follow You Follow Me": "This song has always been about togetherness, and with the recent teen suicide tragedies related to bullying in the U.S., there is no better time than now for us to let people know that there are programs available to help you when you are in distress."
What a big-hearted artist and what an amazing song! Check it! Check it! Check it!

3 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

relly sweet song love it .

Paul said...

I have been loving this - heard it on Larry Flick show a few weeks back so is rather good news indeed that he is getting some airplay :)

Damian said...

Hope it will really be huge hit, if this song would be sung by some already better promoted artist it could do very well internationally!