Friday, October 15, 2010

Patrik Isaksson - Mitt Stockholm

Patrik Isaksson is one of the most respectable artists of Sweden. His breathrough happened in 1999 when his debut single "Du Får Göra Som Du Vill" has become a real Swedish classic pop-song. Patrik has told in text about his near friend who passed away after long time of drug-addiction. Since that music career of Partik has gone up, every of his album reached top-10 and during last 10 years he's recorded many interesting collaborations with most popular artists like Sarah Dawn Finer "Du som tog mitt hjärta", Dea Norberg "Innan klockan slår", Marie Fredriksson "Det som var nu" and collaboration with Sahara Hotnights, LOK and Therese Grankvist "Det måste vara radion". But mostly I recommend you my favorite "Hos Dig Är Jag Underbar" (once visiting concert with participance of Patrik public has gone wild when Patrik has started to play this song). Patrik participated twice in Melodifestivalen with songs "Under mitt tunna skinn" (2008) and "Faller du så faller jag" (2006) and though he hasn't reached final both times seems like it hasn't affected his career at all.
This year Patrik's coming back with new song "Mitt Stockholm" devoted to different moments of his lifetime connected to this city and just like debut single "Mitt Stockholm"'s touching memories of another Patrik's friend who's got the same sad destiny as first one. However single is not depessive and spreads quite warm and kind atmosphere, lyrical verses and life-asserting big chorus with beautiful live arrangement with Patrik's soft vocal sound quite charming and enjoyable. Also don't forget to check Patrik performing this song live at Sommarkrysset.

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Paul said...

another artist i've never heard of who i am now going to have to spend some time checking out :)

Damian said...

Hope you'll like him Paul, it's very nice and pleasant stuff with charming Patrik's vocal so it deserves attention.