Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jimmy - Ditt Hjärta

And third great comeback was made today by Jimmy Jansson! Surprisingly he's coming back without his surname and with quite new sound.
Jimmy is just 25 but he can easily be called schlager-veteran as all his music career last 8 years was rolling around schlager. Firstly he appeared in front of big audience at Melodifestivalen-2002, that year he performed in band Poets with the song "What Difference Does It Make" and though guys didn't reach final Jimmy has made it alone later in 2005. After his previous attempt he has gone through Bert Karlsson's school - Fame Factory where he has met his sweetheart Sandra Dahlberg, they lived together quite long time and got son Wilmer in 2007. In 2005 song "Vi Kan Gunga" put him on 6th place of Melodifestivalen final but it wasn't his last participation as he came back in 2007 with song "Amanda" written by Thomas G:Son (who wrote "What Difference Does It Make") that reached Second Chance and stuck there. Later "Amanda" was covered by Spanish band D'NASH (they won Spanish selection to Eurovision with "I Love You Mi Vida" also written by G:Son).
Year before Jimmy presented new band Svea Kafé performing as frontman with musicians of Fashion/The Pusher. Svea Kafé released debut single "För Din Skull" that musically was somewhere between new The Pusher's music and old Jimmy's albums, however it sounded quite fresh but the band existed not too long and Jimmy is back solo.
New single "Ditt Hjärta" is recognizable Jimmy Jansson but more adult with light touch of old pop-rock Kent's sound and lovely pop-melody, emotional, gentle and beautiful.
I should mention that all Jimmy's albums reached Top-10 and all but one singles Top-5 so it can easily become new Jimmy's success!

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Len W said...

Yay! All the cutie pop boys of MF in recent years have just been pale reflections of Yimmy. Hope his career makes a big comeback.

Damian said...

Jimmy was always very bright spot anytime he participated, pity he hasn't qualified last time but I hope for his revanche. Together with Lionheart they can make it!