Thursday, October 14, 2010

Live Thursday with Mohombi, Jenny Berggren and Anders Ekborg

Mohombi right after promo-tour in Europe keeps touring in US promoting his fresh hit-stuff with hyper-active programme of visits to radiostations, clubs, etc. One of his stops was on AMP Radio where he gave big interesting interview and performed both of his last singles "Bumpy Ride" and "Miss Me" and future hit "Coconut Tree" that's gonna be released in duet with Nicole Scherzinger and produced by RedOne - due to acoustic performance it still contains warm summerish vibes of Mohombi music but more romantic and intimate that's going to make this duet amazing.

Mohombi - Bumpy Ride
Mohombi - Miss Me

Jenny Berggren who has just released yesterday her solo-album "My Story" visited XL-live with sweet acoustic performance of two album tracks - "Gotta Go" and "Give Me A Faith". Album's (that's all sort of brilliant) definitely caught audience interest on iTunes and right now really needs some more promotion so we hope to see more of Jenny in close time.

And another artist who has just presented new album is Anders Ekborg. After release of new album "Painted Dreams" he performed tracks from it in Nyhetsmorgon. Being one of the most respectable live performers of Swedish music no need to say performance was quite strong!

Anders Ekborg - I come unarmed
Anders Ekborg - Ensam i natten

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Paul said...

Loving a bit of Mohombi! I am playing him on my guest slot on radio today in Morning Jolt! Have you heard War Zone? Immensicles!

Damian said...

I can't remember if I heard it before but as you put my attention on it now I'm listening right now and find it's really strong track. This guy has so much potential!