Tuesday, October 26, 2010

International duets of Emilia Rydberg

Danish artist Bryan Rice's presenting new album "Another Piece Of Me" with duo of our Swedish sweetheart Emilia Rydberg "Watch The Stars" released earlier this year as soundtrack for Danish reality-show "Veninder på 1. klasse". If you've missed it I'm here to remind you!
It's a modern romantic pop-song mixing r'n'b and pop in quite tasty and stylish music dish perfectly combining vocals of these nice artists. I'd also advice you to check whole album of Bryan as one of the most interesting Scandinavian pop-releases of this Autumn.
But wait as we're here for Emilia and still there's no hint about her new records let me show another international duet she recorded with Hungarian artist Dobrády Ákos year before. "Side by side" is beautiful classic European ballad, very touching and again voices of Dobrády and Emilia work together with amazing harmony.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

Bryan Rice is one of those solid artists i always like but tend to forget about if I'm honest. I do like this stuff so will definitely have to check out his new album! Thanks for the reminder :)

Damian said...

I think he lacks of promo a lot, he's got a lot of potentially great international hit-stuff but he just need a bit more push. I plan to properly dig into his album this weekend.