Friday, October 29, 2010

Exclusive interview with Engla - candidate to Melodifestivalen-2011

Preliminary selection of two Melodifestivalen-2011 participants are coming closer to the hottest point - live final that will be held in around a week when on November 8th we'll see 5 finalists competing to get just two tickets to Melodifestivalen. So very soon we'll know who will perform with hugest Swedish stars on one stage and hopefully will become new schlager-star and we're glad to present you our biggest hope of Webbjoker-contest - Engla who's competing with the song "Don't Stop" - very fresh jazzy track delievered with impressively strong and beautiful Engla's vocal, anthemic pop-chorus and completely ecstatic key-change growing and growing till the last note.

Hi Engla. It's amazing that you're in competition, strong pop-song built by all rules of schlager-contest but still in experimental and fresh sound is brilliant decision. Was it your plan when you started to work on the song for the contest or "Don't Stop" has come naturally before you with Sargon Jakob who has written the song decided to send it to Webbjokers-contest?

Hi! Well, I met Sargon and we decided to start working together. He told me that he would write me a song and that he had a something that he was already working on, although he couldn’t promise anything. After a couple of days he called me and presented me the song and I thought, “Hmm…this is Schlager candy,. I want this one” hihi. The idea with the Webbjoker came up and we decided to try it out.

You have such a well-trained professional vocal, I suppose it's Christina Aguilera who provided backing vocals for "my heart is on the rush" part, do you have some music education behind or in a process of studying?

I’m blushing :) I wish it was Xtina! I started an education, but dropped out after a year. The rest comes from the Universe and from training. But Sargon gets out the best of me when we record which is great help in the studio.

Sure living in Sweden it's hard completely not to follow Melodifestivalen as viewer, but have you dreamed entering it before as artist or this idea has appeared just recently?

Yes! It was a dream and still it is, because it is Sweden’s greatest and finest music competition. And to stand in the front of the Swedish people and represent them would be an honor.

Next year already has such a huge names like Danny, Sanna Nielsen, Linda Bengtzing. What do you consider as your strongest side to stand a fight with well-established melo-stars?

All these artist are very talented! But I think and do believe that I deliver something that is a bit different. I will give the Swedish audience something new and fresh. I have to believe in myself and my song, and I really do!

Question that maybe sounds a bit unoriginal but I just have to ask you. Which Melodifestivalen song(s) can you call your biggest favorite(s)?

Carola – Främling! Even though I wasn’t born haha!

Ok, let's imagine that you're already invited to MF. Can you tell conception of your dream performance, just forget about budgets, scale of Globen, allowed number of team members on the stage and so on, free your imagination and tell how do you see yourself on the stage of Melodifestivalen?

Wow! My concept would be filled with feelings but as a true artist I don’t want to reveal anything, even though it is just an imagination. I also would like to thank everyone who has voted for me and please continue.

Thank so much for interview Engla, we keep our fingers crossed, wish you best of luck and ask everyone who lives in Sweden - please DON'T STOP voting for this amazing song sending sms 142 to number 72211, cost is just a 3,60 kr, not a big price to get such a wonderful song to Melodifestivalen-2011! See you in Globen dear Engla!



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Pavel said...

So sweet=))

Paul said...

great interview Damian :)

Damian said...

That's true, Engla turned to be incredibly sweet person, so all my hopes on her :)

Thank you Paul, hope it was interesting :)