Thursday, October 28, 2010

Alex Sayz - United As One (video)

In June I told you about amazing collaboration between new Swedish club sensation Alex Sayz and sweet Sibel Redzep in new trance track "United As One". Finally we've got video treatment for this song. Probably best Sibel's video so far, very nice shot with loads of erotic scenes (yes, we have a week of erotic music videos started yesterday by Robyn) in slow motion, though water falling in slow motion is not the newest idea I still think that it's very beautiful and it works. However Alex and Sibel don't seem to have a wish to participate in all this love fest so they just have a dinner throwing food to each other with nothing but love in their eyes. And no, they're not gonna lick a cream from each other, they're just too hot to make it standard!

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