Sunday, October 3, 2010

Orup - Född i November

Thomas "Orup" Eriksson presents new single "Född i November" and is ready for release of same-name album later at November 24th.
Thomas is well-known and beloved artist with huge backgroung going back to 80s when he has started his career performing with big stars, presenting on Melodifestivalen-1989 (taking 2nd place) and releasing #1 albums. In 90s he tried to make break through to USA with album "Orupean Songs" and single "My Earth-Angel". Later together with Anders Glenmark and Niklas Strömstedt they've built successful trio GES and another #1 album. Thomas didn't stop to make some new solo-albums and write for different artists and collaboration with Lena Philipsson turned to be the brightest union when Lena won Melodifestivalen-2004 with Orup's song "Det gör ont". They kept working together and released common album 2 years ago, guess what place have it taken in chart? Right! Another first place in Orup's history.
In the beginning of this year Thomas released his first comeback single "Tiden Bara Gick" - dynamic life-asserting track full of Martin Stenmarck's singles uplifting energy. New song "Född i November" is another beautiful growing track with magic atmosphere, massive orchestral chorus, loads of amazing strings and charming eletric gutars in middle eight.

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Len W said...

Orup is one of my favorites. He is vastly underrated, especially his songwriting skills!

Damian said...

I think new Orup's stuff is strongest he ever did before, but probably I've missed something. I just hope whole album will be as good as two first singles. Then it's very welcome in my player :)