Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tove Styrke - White Light Moment

I guess many have been waiting for this white light moment already year since Tove Styrke - amazing mix of incredible charm and artistic craziness appeared on Idol casting and started to blow every Friday show with her performances. Already then it was clear (at least for me 100%) this girl with Agnes-sweetness and Amanda-uniqueness will go far. In half a year after Idol Tove has started to prove fans hopes releasing single "Million Pieces" - original and beautiful electronic track sounding like no one other Idol-participant before. But the second single "White Light Moment" presented before premiere of Tove's album "Tove Styrke" is just shockingly brilliant. It's more melodic track than "Million Pieces" but still electro with slight touch of "Dancing On My Own" with dynamic beat and gentle synths behind madly blasting in anthemic chorus with complicated beautiful pop-tune and expressive Tove's vocals.
It's just 3 weeks before release of Tove's album and undoubtfully it's not the last masterpiece Tove's gonna give us!

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