Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You're a cold blooded murderer!

First video from new Darin's album for already 4th single "Lovekiller" can't be anything but great, right? Not only because it's such long-awaited but as well because it's verrrrrrry promising due to what we can see from new "Making Of" video. Scene in church is gonna be most powerful due to what we can see in it so it officialy breaks all limits of our excitement.
I should also mention recent acoustic performance of Lovekiller on Press2play TV. It's always pleasant to listen Darin's touching voice, isn't it?
Our goodies pack from Darin is not empty yet and you can check fresh remix for Lovekiller here. Very strong dance-track that's gonna work good for further promotion of single and album that (I should remind you) became golden for one week.

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Anonymous said...

He's so cool ^^