Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nanne - En Rastlös Själ

New Nanne's album and new video for the latest single "En Rastlös Själ" is out and we can already check both.
Initially I was a bit sceptic about new single but with video treatment delievers much more joy as Nanne usually breathe in all of her energy in everything she does. And this time she also can't be serious and pathetic in any scene enjoying herself and sharing fun with viewers.
Talking about album it turned to be quite different, in common it's still stuff for only internal use and probably will be understood only by Swedish audience but however it contains some interesting moments.
First of all I should mention single "Otacksamhet" that surprised with modern electro-pop sound and turned many heads to this new side of Nanne. Further single "Inatt Är Jag Din" (Tomas Ledin cover) have gone in another direction of old-school rock and the latest single "En Rastlös Själ" again turned to new audience with its dansband touch. As another highlights of album I should mention magic "Tankar" sounding like fairytale-soundtrack and cheerful rhythmic "Hej Snygging". You can also find some old good Nanne-style anthems "Jag Ger Aldrig Upp" and "Explosivt", gentle cover of Ted Gärdestad "Himlen Är Oskyldigt Blå" and loads of another different mixes of styles. Mostly you get a feeling that Nanne tried to please with this album her old fans showing all pieces of her previous music and sure to find some new ones. Is it good in trying to please everyone with one album? You can decide yourselves checking Nanne's album here.

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