Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Världens Barn-2010 on SVT

This weekend SVT showed huge concert Världens Barn in help of charity company for kids in need around the world. So you could see performances of many top-artists in this event.
Jill Johnson presented her new single "Stumble And Fade Away" from new compilation "The Well-Known And Some Other Favourite Stories" and another new song "Song To Heaven" that was co-written with Molly Sandén.
Eric Saade performed his new single "It's Gonna Rain" - another Fredrik Kempe's hit that's gonna get video-treatment released very soon.
EMD premiered their brand new single - soundtrack for next part of "The Chronicles of Narnia" - "There's A Place For Us" written not less than David Hodges and Carrie Underwood, as expected huge Disney ballad in a vein of first EMD's single "All For Love".
Ultra-sweet new artist Jasmine Kara was invited with her Summer hit "Try My Love Again" (can I already put money somewhere that soon SVT will announce her as participant of Melodifestivalen-2011?).
Already officially presented MF-2011 artist Pernilla Andersson sang nice acoustic song "Dansa med dig" from her latest album "Ö".
Malena Ernman gave us a first taste of her forthcoming Christmas album "Santa Lucia - En Klassisk Jul" with hit from last album "La Voix Du Nord" - "Min plats på jorden".
The same was done by Sarah Dawn Finer week ago on another Världens Barn show with cover of "What a Wonderful World" from her future Christmas album "Winterland".
You can check whole show here to see also performances of Orup and The Cotton eye Joe show as well.

Malena Ernman - Min plats på jorden
Malena Ernman - Requiem (Op. 48) Pie Jesu
Jill Johnson - Stumble And Fade Away
Jill Johnson - Song To Heaven
Jasmine Kara - Try My Love Again
Eric Saade - It's Gonna Rain
Pernilla Andersson - Dansa med dig
EMD - There's A Place For Us
Sarah Dawn Finer - What a Wonderful World

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Paul said...

Loving Jill. Loving EMD (particularly Danny)! LOVING Eric. Loving you :)

Damian said...

Haha))) You're amazing Paul :))