Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week of The Beatles on Idol

The Beatles was theme of the last week Idol show - difficult but more difficult theme sometimes gives opportunity to see better who's the more skilful performer.
Geir Rönning performed one of the biggest hits of The Beatles "Love Me Do", it was very active performance - expressive and full of life but it felt like Geir who is undoubtfully high professional showed all sides of his talent during previous performances so this time it was already a bit boring. Jay Smith's rock voice surprisingly well worked in "A Hard Day's Night", Jay tries to be more open and free on the stage, not that he manages quite enough to prove his status of the biggest favorite of this season but still he has a lot of space to grow. Elin Blom's "Can't Buy Me Love" was very gentle and feminine and it was the song right for her perfectly fitting her voice. On the other hand "Helter Skelter" wasn't perfect choise for Olle Hedberg but he showed public different side of his vocal that he used before singing "Sex On Fire". And time has come for coming back Minnah Karlsson who left Idol previous week but as Alice Hagenbrant has left the show it was decided to bring Minnah back and what a grand comeback it was! She performed "Twist and Shout" and it was probably the best performance of the night (as it turned to be the most viewed among Idol-performances afterwards I'm not far from the truth) - she was twisting, shouting and be a real torn on the stage. Linda Varg seemed very comfortable with rock-ballad cover of "Ticket to Ride" that's probably lack energy a bit so wasn't received well by jury but still it was beautiful. Andreas Weise has made another musical performance of "All You Need Is Love", again it was hard to say something bad about vocal as vocally Andreas is growing constantly. Daniel Norberg was singing "The Long and Winding Road" - lovely and romantic performance, maybe a bit boring as there wasn't space to show Daniel's voice. And finally Linnea Henriksson performed "Help!" looking a lot in a style of 60s, probably it was too complicated vocally for her voice but still it's Linnea so performance was really entertaining. Finally Geir and Linda took the least of votes and Linda has left this time. Very sad fact but still I don't believe that such a talented charismatic artist will be lost for long. Next week theme will be 90s so come back if you want to see Jay covering Backstreet Boys and Elin making Britney.

Geir Rönning – Love Me Do
Jay Smith – A Hard Day's Night
Elin Blom – Can't Buy Me Love
Olle Hedberg – Helter Skelter
Minnah Karlsson – Twist and Shout
Linda Varg – Ticket to Ride
Andreas Weise – All You Need Is Love
Daniel Norberg – The Long and Winding Road
Linnea Henriksson – Help!

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Paul said...

I wasn't blown away with any of the performances except Minnah so I am so relieved she returned. What a turn up for the books if she wins!!

Damian said...

I agree, probably the least exciting semifinal so far, but The Beatles are probably not really my band or maybe arrangement wasn't so original as it had to be but yes, Minnah was actually the only one shining. Unfortunately I still can see her going very far but I bet now she will surprise everyone with new wave of support.