Monday, October 4, 2010

Amazing Dyno-discovery

Synth-pop seems to come back to mainstream these days with Hurts' breakthrough. Actually it's rare and very precious thing when synth-pop artists finds delicious crossover between retro-sound, modern arrangement and hit melodies but sometimes we get some real diamonds who cath it all.
Just like Erik Hassle and Le Kid few years ago we've got new amazing pop-sensation - Dyno with their original formula of mixing 80s synth-pop, unusual vocals and completely adorable tunes. All elements are quite mainstream but how they combine it moves it apart from any other band.
Dyno has already released EP "Dig The DYNO!" few years ago directly falling into the spot of bloggers and Internet pop-lovers but due to incredible activity of band making new tracks we're not gonna wait long for next releases. New tracks of band sound more mature, wild and... EPIC it's the most correct word. Perfect pop-structure with tricky choruses and completely mind-blowing anthemic choruses profusely powdered with Swedish melodics that's what Dyno is about, so don't hesitate their tracks below and on their youtube channel.

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