Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Johnossi - Mavericks

Yesterday I've realized that I've missed one of the best rock-albums of the year, I really hope that forthcoming Grammis will fix my fault but finally I can do it myself.
Rock duo Johnossi has got to the spot of Swedish and international public already few years ago when they released 2 albums and has got interest to their music across Europe, US and Japan, not missing opportunity of active touring all over the world wherever they were invited. This year they've made a most successful shot in Sweden with album "Mavericks" that reached #4 and I'd like to dig it a bit.
"Mavericks" is dark intro-track leading you through the tunnels of the magic music world of Johnossi, the more you listen the more you realize you're not gonna leave this world so easy being lost in melancholic guitar riffs and mystic echoes of this music. "Dead end" is the latest single from the album, more life-assering and driveous with beautiful electric gutar sound and The Killers vibes. "Houses" present Johnossi with a new side, melody-massive with relaxed lazy rhythm. "Roscoe" finally gives some more hopeful rays of light with huge poppy melody of chorus and hard beat in verses. "Bed on Fire" is acoustic ballad unexpectedly decreasing high energy of the album. "What's the Point" was released as the first single (getting to Top-20) and turned to be powerful Summerish rock-single with amazing mix from Bassflow that I'd recommend to all pop-fans. "No Last Call" is filled with rock'n'roll atmosphere and nice rhytm-section. "Come Along (There's a Gene)" brings our back to melodic path but more complicated and hypnotizing with soft guitar riffs. "Worried Ground" is sad but still pulsing with life in mysterious sound of Johnossi. And the final album track is "Sickness" - calm and peaceful song at least as much calm as Johnossi can afford themselves to be.
Here are both singles from "Mavericks" but I'd advice you to shut your eyes when you'll be listening as imagination paints a better pictures for this music.

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Evelina said...

Here is the Bassflow remake of "Whats the point" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3N78Ob1R84

Damian said...

Thank you Evelina! Like other Peter's mixes I love this so much, would like song with such "Hero"-esque anthemic drive to get to MF next year :)

maycatdecal said...

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