Thursday, October 28, 2010

Robyn - Indestructible (video)

Robyn probably should take awards of the most active Swedish pop-star of 2010, it's difficult not to hear any news about her at around week. However these news were long-awaited. Video for new single "Indestructible" opening road for third third part of trilogy "Body Talk" is released and after a short period of tasting new single I can say it's officialy amazing! Robyn always find a keys and words simple but touching and understood to anyone so her songs turn to be something much more sighnificant and deep than common pop-stuff and the latest single proves it one more time. Video for "Indestructible" turned to be quite erotic thing with loads of sex scenes and Robyn in some sort of artificial veins with different color blood running randomly inside. Quite futuristic and hypnotizing picture.

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