Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Erik Hassle - Taken EP

Amazing! Finally you have a chance to stream whole Erik Hassle's "Taken EP" online. Erik never keeps his music away from fans and it's 374th reason why we love him so much. The only new track I haven't presented you before is "Last Rider" written along with "Taken (Still In My Blood)" by Dyno who will also release new 10 tracks EP very soon. Can this collaboration be disappointing? No way! Just like "If it takes all night" it's quite dark atmospherical track, Erik's singing with more relaxed and a bit tired intonation pushing all his magic charming personality into music.
From the rest of tracks you probably didn't hear original version of "Taken (Still In My Blood)" - more light, live and calm version of this track and 2010 mix of "Standing Where You Left Me" - electronic version with The Ark-smelling choir and loads of synth-sounds.
Don't forget to check two new performances of tracks "Try A Little Tenderness" and "Suspicious Mind" in studio from EP "The Hassle Sessions: Volume One".

3 коммент.:

Paul said...

Finally :) I 've been dying to hear this!! It's so good - it's the perfect respite from my normal million miles an hour dancey pop that I love but so worth the breathing space!

Damian said...

Perfect is the word! I don't have idea how Erik manages not to make any wrong step developing his music, he's enjoyable from debut and still stays.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ERIK HASSLE!!!!!!!!! :D but only the pieces album is on the US itunes!! :(
I really like If it takes all night and Last Rider!!!! <3 Erik needs to come to The US...especially Michigan!!! :)