Friday, October 15, 2010

Webbjoker for Melodifestivalen-2011: Pop-solo

This weekend I'll try to analyze all schlager-candidates in webbjoker-contest and really hope one of my (and your) favorites will be one of two winners. So let's start from pop-category, I can't honestly say something completely has blown my mind (remember it's contest among amateurs)but I've found some songs which can become hits with proper upgrade.

Hot candidates:
Engla - Don't stop (#142) - crossover between Sibel's "Stop" retro-feeling and loads of Christina Aguilera in passionate vocal manner.
Nadina - Change of heart (#127) - rhythmic warm girls-pop sung by very beautiful singer with intimate vocal.
Ceven - How Can I (#177) - nicely arranged stepping song that you could expect from A-Ha or Duran Duran.
Jonas Matsson - On my own (#240) - summerish guitar-raggae-pop on Lovestoned wave.
Mona Ersare - Over the Rooftops (#245) - beautiful acoustic country-song with charming violins part.
Ghena - Stand here (#269) - modern song with great attitude that could be huge hit in some American star performance in terms of re-producing.
Joseph Jericho - Up on the floor (#298) - low whispering verses with Santana smelling guitar and choruses a-la Mendez.
Johannah Granqvist - Whisper in your ear (#310) - etno-instrumental mixed with r'n'b vocal maner sounding like unreleased JLo's track.

Nice candidates:
Maliq - Believe in me (#115) - disco-pop of 80s with quite alive and charming artist
Anna Palmér - Echo (#147) - small sweet pop-song with beautiful female soul-vocal
Gmx - Gabbi Gabbi (#160) - nice 90s breathing pop melody, could be a huge hit 15 years ago but still quite enjoyable.
Peter Winterqvist - My kind of lover (#227) - poppier version of Bon Jovi rock slightly powdered with country-mood.
Jessica Zati - My mind (#228) - hard-synth and light positively naive 80s melody work very well together.
Robin Elmlund - The letter (#281) - Nickelback (or some another American rock-band) inspired radio-pop with pleasant vocal.
Tom Rose - Tricky tricky (#291) - modern electro-pop track with blasting chorus.
Sandra Andersson - Unbroken dreams (#296) - retro-pop-rock with lovely melody.

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