Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dance weekend (part 3)

Like I promised you we're finishing this weekend with final bunch of some last mixes. It doesn't mean fun is over though as I already have plans to tell you about some interesting music pieces during nearest days. But let's say goodbye to previous week loud and glad!

Anders Fernette is hot candidate before next year Melodifestivalen so in case if it'll happen we have a chance to see this amazing artist everywhere if he'll succeed so we keep out fingers crossed and till there's no sign of new single we can enjoy Mark Pride dance remix of his latest single "Lola".

Remember few days ago I told you about Adrian Lux? Earlier this year he has made remix for one of the biggest hits of this Summer - Oskar Linnros' "Från Och Med Du", original track is quite summerish and warm so the finest thing in this mix that this lightness doesn't disappear. Mix was pushed out on iTunes as separate release.

And the last but not the least at all. Thomas Di Leva has released new mix and video for the last single "Another Day In Paradise". Unfortunately I can't say I was blown away by original track (I mean it's still Phil Collins' cover but in original Di Leva's version) but I was completely sold for Bassflow mix - combination of strong guitar baseline and "Hero"-esque beat immediately made this track one of the worthiest music dishes that I strongly recommend you to check right away.

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