Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Billion Dollar Babies - Highest Mountain

I think it's a bit shame we haven't got this year any piece of The Poodles rock at Melodifestivalen. I mean Pain Of Salvation, Crucified Barbara and Noll Disciplin provided really enjoyable stuff but year before we've got Nina Söderqvist with "Tick Tock" (from songwriters of The Poodles "Night Of Passion") and H.e.a.t. sounding like refreshed The Poodles with completely mind-blowing schlager-rock song "1000 Miles". Who's to blame we didn't get it this year? The answer is jury as actually one of songs pretending to be this year's "Night Of Passion" was rejected reaching final candidates list. I mean "Highest Mountain" by band Billion Dollar Babies - anthemic stadium rock-song with blasting spirit of 80s and powerful instrumental part in best traditions of modern Swedish rock-bands playing classic rock. Band has just released new album "Die For Diamonds" that seems to be full of such gems and I can only heave a sigh about guys who didn't intend to write something for competition next year again. Ok, maybe new H.e.a.t. with Erik Grönwall will pleasantly surprise us with their comeback? Check also Billion Dollar Babies's video for another their single "Restless Minds", it's pretty adorable as well!

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