Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stephen Simmonds - Anomie

it's around 2 weeks before new Stephen Simmonds' album "Anomie" will apear in stores (at November 10th) and we can already check snippets of all tracks here.
Due to samples all who was scared to completely lose old good soul-sound of Stephen should breathe out calmly as at least half of this 10-tracks album has a lot of parallels with previous Stephen's albums. I've already presented to you latest Stephen's singles "Adiyeah" and "Just Love" - amazing ballad-track that's going to be officially released very-very soon.
Talking about other songs - you can find pretty wide music-range of Stephen still keeping whole album on his stable orbit - so "Armageddon" and "Too Close" are breathing with familiar inspiring melody-structure of Mr. Simmonds' soul-stuff but in more contemporary wrap, also you can find funky "Falling Down" and raggae-pop "Never Learn", "Anomie" is more outgoing bridge between darker 90s pop-soul of the artist and fresh side presented with first single "Adiyeah", the album is finished with "Lisa" - epic track sounding like religious anthem, massive and spiritual.
Greatest find in tracklist is cover of Titiyo's "Longing for lullubies" that Stephen performed few years ago for P3 Guldgalan, falling in love with it I couldn't even dream to get it in studio-version, check it below and hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

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