Friday, October 8, 2010

Anders Ekborg - Painted Dreams

Anders Ekborg's finally releasing new album "Painted Dreams" awaited since Spring after his participance in this year Melodifestivalen with Tony Nilsson's song "The Saviour" and gives opportunity to check all tracks from it. Mostly it's classic Anders' repertoire - musical-breathing, soulful, anthemic, 90s smelling songs quite modern sounding though to be enjoyable. No need to say that vocal of Anders works 100% on every track. So all stuff - thoughtful classic ballads (Promise, You´re always here, No One Has To Hurt, Painted Dreams), rhythmic positive schlager-songs (You Were The One, The Saviour), summerish nostalgic retro-pop (I Do Believe, I Come Unarmed), calm acoustic pop (Ensam i natten, Allting som hon gör) deserves attention being quite charming and delicate music. Check below all tracks from the album and new video for title-track - "Painted Dreams".

1. I come unarmed
2. I do believe
3. The promise
4. You're always here
5. You were the one
6. No one has to hurt
7. Allting som hon gör
8. Painted dreams
9. The saviour
10. Ensam i natten

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