Monday, October 25, 2010

Fresh breath of Vacuum

I've just found out that for almost half a year of this blog life I never told you about one of my most favorite Swedish projects ever - Vacuum, so I will now!
Vacuum turned to be unexpectable sensation of 1996 when Alexander Bard who was well-known for his international massive pop-project Army Of Lovers has put the group on hold and started completely different project - not less extravagant but in its own way. Dark synth-pop sung by androginy-styled vocalist Mattias Lindblom and Alexander with another new face Marina Schiptjenko on keyboards, they sang about science, religion, culture, the whole conception turned to combined fresh idea in accessible and strong pop-music so it turned to be a blast on international level and many parts of Europe have given up without a fight after debut single "I Breathe". It has also peaked at #2 in home country and debut album "The Plutonium Cathedral" reached #12 that's not bad at all. Without pause Vacuum released the album "Seance at the Chaebol" that was more targetted to other European countries. In the end of 90s Alexander turned to new project Alcazar and only Marina and Mattias were left as active members of Vacuum (with Anders Wollbeck as permanent songwriter from the beginning of the project) and soon they released two re-editions of the last album with some new songs so all the singles of band - "Science Of The Sacred", "Let The Mountain Come To Me", "Pride In My Religion", "Tonnes Of Attraction", "Icaros", "Starting Where The Story Ended" were still floating around European radiostations and music channels.
When Marina has left the band and gone to BWO Mattias and Anders released new album "Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This" - less commercial and darker electronic with singles "Fools Like Me", "They Do It", "The Void" demonstrating refreshed side of Vacuum. Through last 10 years Anders and Mattias also worked as songwriting team with many Swedish and international artists like Alcazar, Julie Bethelsen, Rachel Stevens, Nouveau Riche, Magnus Carlsson, Daniel Lindström, Monrose, Tarja Turunnen, Cinema Bizarre, Garou and many others.
Few years ago "Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This" has got re-edition with new songs "Walk On The Sun" and "Only Human" and though it's not the latest singles I'd like to show you these songs, they are different but both amazing, when "Walk On The Sun" is powerful rhythmic pop-rock radio-killer, "Only Human" is more gentle acoustic-guitar based song - thoughtful and touching to goosebumps with amazing vocal of Mattias.
Vacuum still keeps releasing new songs, recently performing set of new ones so I hope soon I'll be able to tell you about their next album.

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Paul said...

Love love love that Vacuum are still going :) I've dug out some of the old stuff from the 90s to listen to on the way to work today :)

Damian said...

Oh, I wouldn't expect you love Vacuum as it's actually rarity when I find among Western European friends, right now it feels like they are still remembered and beloved only in East Europe - Russia, Ukraine... Hope you'll like their new bits!

Anonymous said...

Matthias Linblom, if you occasionally read this comment - I am Taras Ganja from Kiev, the guy who was making a film about Vacuum, an' I've been told that you've tried to contact me, an' I couldn't find a way to contact you, as I still do, but I'd love to talk to you again. I'll be keeping an eye on this page, and in case some of you folks have access to Matthias, please tell him, OK?

Damian said...

Тарас, тебе эффективней будет написать Маттиасу непосредственно на его страничку на майспэйсе.
По крайней мере там он бывает регулярно.