Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rosa Bandet-galan-2010

Monday morning is a great time to start week with some good live performances and I have something to show you right for this case!
Fund Rosa Bandet fighting with breast cancer has arranged its annual concert last week this time involving some real pop-veterans.
Lisa Miskovsky preparing her new album "Violent sky" that's going to be out very soon performed her first single "Lover" from it. Legendary singer Helen Sjöholm premiered her single "Kvinnan För Dig" - cover of Billy Joel's "She's Always A Woman" with Swedish lyrics by Tomas Andersson Wij, this song is from forthcoming Helen's tribute album "Euforia - Helen Sjöholm sjunger Billy Joel". Peter Jöback is also ready for new release of his live-album "En kväll med Peter Jöback" that will include his latest single "Inte redo än" so this song was also performed during concert. And the last performance was by Bo Kaspers Orkester who's just released album "New Orleans" but were singing their old song "Ett Ögonblick I Sänder".
Lovely set from respectable artists so enjoy performances right below.

Helen Sjöholm - Kvinnan För Dej
Lisa Miskovsky - Lover
Bo Kaspers Orkester - Ett Ögonblick I Sänder
Peter Jöback - Inte Redo Än

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