Thursday, October 28, 2010

Play - Destiny

Finally we've got some real music news from Play!
Girls were in the spot whole year after re-union in the beginning of the year on the show "Made in Sweden" and realesing #1 single "Famous" and successful album "Under My Skin" in April they were touring a lot in Sweden. Recently girls have got offer from Disney Channel to record soundtrack for new film "Avalon High" and extremely recorded the song "Destiny" just for one day so it's gonna be soundtrack to the final scene. And it should be perfect final song as "Destiny" is modern epic ballad sounding quite internationally but still it's Play in every key.
Credits for the great find to our priceless friend FizzyPop!!

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Paul said...

for all your swedish pop needs there's Swedish Stereo. for everything else there's myfizzypop :P Haha, it's not often i see swedish news before you :) I do love this song - it's not particularly ground breaking but it's rather lovely and glorious. Perhaps my fave thing of theirs since they did a gussied up disco version of As Long As There's Christmas on the European Beauty and The beast: An Enchanted Christmas dvd (one of my fave xmas movies)

Damian said...

"for all your swedish pop needs there's Swedish Stereo. for everything else there's myfizzypop"
Oh my God! How true is that! :)))

It's really something new for them and I wonder why they haven't done anything sounding like this type of modern ballads on their albums. Not that I didn't like their album, it's one of the best albums of year to my taste but still I hope next album is in theur plans :)

Anonymous said...

I love Play's song Destiny!! It goes really well with the movie Avalon High! ( which, by the way, is one of my favorites on Disney Channel )