Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Petra Mede Show

Petra Mede turned to be real sensation of Melodifestivalen-2009 when she has become host of the show with her wild energy and humour understood even for international viewers who didn't know Swedish. Before and after Petra constantly was quite demanded comedian participating in different comic show. This year shу's got her own Petra Mede show and she's made it with her best friend Andreas Lundstedt from Alcazar. It's gonna be difficult to understand jokes if you don't know language but still you can enjoy with nice scetches from Petra and Andreas where Petra's saving Andreas from Village People, remembering when she has fallen in love with Andreas in school refusing to realize she don't have chances and going for a walk with her friend to see real face of thriller-Andreas.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

even without understanding, the High School flashback made me laugh. They need to release this on dvd with subtitle options :)

Damian said...

I guess they did released dvd, I'm gonna check it being next time in Stockholm, here's bonus, Petra taking interview from Mika for the show :)