Saturday, October 2, 2010

Most successful singles of MF-2010

This post was inspired by two facts - few days ago Melodifestivalen-silver Salem Al Fakir's song "Keep On Walking" was awarded at Radiogalan as the most played song of the year with 6946 rotations (Anna Bergendahl's "This Is My Life" is at #7, Darin's "You're Out Of My Life" is at #8, thanx for the tips to EuropeCrazy) and another fact is that after 7 months last MF-entry Eric Saade's "Manboy" has fallen out of the chart. Sure probably we'll see some songs coming back to chart but in common picture of this year is so.
What can we say out of this. Along with winner Anna we've got another winner of sales Eric, who undoubtfully will return to chart with "Manboy" as incredibly successful single (but unfortunately the only his successful single for now). Ola and Timoteij has got their big commercial success as well. Linda Pritchard has become the most successful non-qualifier surprisingly with Jenny Silver who took the last place of semi but reached higher position than Jessica Andersson and Pernilla Wahlgren. Alcazar has missed final firstly in its history but still was on fire on sales and has become highest Second Chance participant. Crucified Barbara otherwise turned to be the least successful Second Chance partipant and Anders Ekborg the least successful non-qualifier. Though it could be worse - songs of Anna-Maria Espinosa, Highlights & MiSt, Johannes Bah Kuhnke and Py Bäckman haven't charted at all.

PeakArtistSingleWeeks in chartStatus
1Eric SaadeManboy30Platinum
1Anna BergendahlThis Is My Life17Platinum
3Salem al FakirKeep On Walking20
3DarinYou're Out Of My Life13
8Linda PritchardYou're Making Me Hot-Hot-Hot6
8Peter JöbackHollow5
9Andreas JohnsonWe Can Work It Out7
11PaulineSucker for Love8
12Pain of SalvationRoad Salt6
12Jenny SilverA Place To Stay2
13Jessica AnderssonI Did It For Love8
16Kalle Moraeus &
Orsa Spelmän
16NEOHuman Frontier5
18Pernilla WahlgrenJag vill om du vågar6
19Hanna LindbladManipulated1
26Elin LantoDoctor Doctor3
31Crucified BarbaraHeaven or Hell3
38Noll DisciplinIdiot2
38Erik LinderHur kan jag tro på kärlek1
40Getty DomeinYeba2
45Andra Generationen
& Dogge Doggelito
Hippare Hoppare2
50Anders EkborgThe Saviour (Il Salvatore)1

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Hi Damian,

Very good post! (and thanks for the mention of course) - I just wonder how many songs will be remembered from this year's MF? I would say, "Manboy", "You're Out Of My Life", "Unstoppable", "Kom" and of course "Keep On Walking" :)

I also play "Human Frontier" quite a lot, and although I didn't like "Manipulated" at first, it really grew on me after my trip to Sweden in March.

Paul said...

it's nice that Manboy did so well out of this, ditto Kom, Unstoppable and You're Out Of My Life. I wish Neo was more successful too! And i'm belatedly finally very into Salem... i've had his album for a while but only really just started appreciating it. said...

Blogga elr inte blogga?

Kommentera bloggen och svara.

Logan said...

Damian thank you for this info about MF 2011 singles charts.Your blog is just fantastic.
Damian, how do you think Linda Pritchard is gonna release her album this year? On November or December?I know it's up to her partcipance at MF 2011 but how do you bet about the release date of this album?

Damian said...

Thanx Laura! I think all #1, #2 and #3 singles will be remembered + Underbart, I Did It For Love and I guess Headlines became radio-hits. So Melodifestivalen got new classic songs even being so week.
There are not too much songs left in my player for now. "Kom", "This Is My Life", "Unstoppable", "Stop", sometimes "Headlines", "Sucker for Love", "Manboy". That's all I guess.

Paul the thing with NEO is that he didn't sell it physically, he had only albums on his signing sessions. But it was even better for him as his album reached Top-10 :) I'm glad you've fallen for Salem, it means you're ready for another Swedish music that can sound a bit too complicated for non-Swedish listeners.
Jag har skrivit svar i din bloggen :)

Logan thanx so much for kind words! I've answered to you on swepop.

Anonymous said...

Unstopable and You're Out Of My Life were my faves!!! I was so sad and angry when Anna won =( maybe her failure at ESC will be a wake up call to Swedish