Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carola - Still Love You

Like many other Swedish pop-artists Carola's preparing for annual Christmas tour due to dates on her site it's gonna be really active tour. Earlier this year I've given you a tip to her tribute-concert devoted to Elvis and Barbra Streisand covers in Dalhalla. It was showed on TV4 and later it was released on DVD and due to tracklist the concert was really massive and if you're Carola's fan... Oh are you Carola's fan and still don't have it? I don't believe you! Well, however as the last Carola's studio album (not considering compillations and covers-albums) was released 4 years ago there are a lot of fans missing completely new stuff and before Royal Wedding this year they've got new Carola's single "Det är bara vi". Now Carola's presenting new piece of her music with the song "Still Love You" - beautiful classic schlager-ballad a bit in a style of "Det är bara vi" but more powerful and emotional, I bet no one Carola's ballads fan will be disappointed.

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