Saturday, October 23, 2010

Premiere of "Så mycket bättre" show

TV4 starts new show "Så mycket bättre" (So much better) that I told you about before. During 8 series you'll be able to see Lasse Berghagen, Lill-Babs, Petter, Thomas Di Leva, Petra "September" Marklund, Christer Sandelin and Plura Jonsson who had to spend a week living in one house and singing covers for each other hits. First day that was shown today was devoted to Lasse Berghagen's songs. Biggest highlight of the show was to finally see and listen Petra Marklund with beautiful cover of Lasse's classic hit "Teddybjörnen Fredriksson". Another nice covers were done by Lill-Babs, Thomas Di Leva and Christer Sandelin (from Style), it's a bit hard to judge such a retro-stuff but still it looks like a nice idea to collect such a different but popular artists and make them to arrange tribute-nights for each other (sure I can't wait for September's night!). Watch whole show here.

September - Teddybjörnen Fredriksson
Petter - Stockholm i mitt hjärta
Lill-Babs - En kväll i juni
Plura - Min kärlekssång till dig
Christer Sandelin - Jeannie Jeannie
Thomas Di Leva - Sträck ut din hand

3 коммент.:

Paul said...

the concept of this sounds amazing and bonkers all at the same time. obviously i'm most interested to see what September does and how her songs are performed so I'm sure i'll stick around just for that :)

Ubbe said...

Di Leva´s tolkning av Sträck ut din hand gav mig gåshud. Satan vilken grym version. Så även Septembers avskalade och vackra Teddybjörn

Damian said...

I'm even more amazed by chance to very soon get evening full of September's covers Paul, it's gonna be amazing! But still I won't refuse to get some another schlager-participant's cover by Petra this weekend.

Ja, Ubbe, det var faktiskt bästa framträdanden också, jag tycker om Sandelins tolkning och Lill-Babs var charmig ändå