Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New amazing bunch of artists to Melodifestivalen-2011

I've got 3 important news regarding Melodifestivalen-2011 which I'm gonna share with you right now!
First one and the most important that we oficially have got new 8 announced artists and the most exciting word here is new! Just like Linda Bengtzing from the first bunch only Sanna Nielsen can be called here schlager-veteran and just like Linda she's coming with support of Thomas G:Son (I guess we're gona have a lot of G:Son's songs this year after his Top-5 on Eurovision this year). But not alone - Peter Boström, Bobby Ljunggren and Irini Michas are hard team behind the song "I'm In Love" so it's gonna be schlager of higher calibre.
Another one participant who already participated in Melodifestivalen but not solo is international sensation Danny and again song is co-written with Peter Boström (yesss!!!), Figge Boström and Danny, song is called "In The Club" so everything's pointing to the saddest heartbreaking ballad in the world, nah, this team is made for dancefloor killer-hit and the final in Globen without any "if" and "but"!
But the name I'm completely blown away is Dilba! One of the most inspiring artists of Sweden with music that's completely out of time is finally back after a long break and I'm so happy she's coming to Melodifestivalen. What makes it more interesting is that she's coming with Niklas Pettersson (responsible for some Velvet's and Daisy's hits) and Linda Sonnvik (who worked with Belle before) who wrote the song "Try Again".
Second ex-A*Teens part Sara Lumholdt is coming to Melodifestivalen with the song "Enemy" by Niclas Lundin (this year's song of Erik Linder) and Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad (Le Kid). Unfortunately Sara hasn't managed to properly establish solo-career so hopefully she'll make it this time.
Among loud names of this bunch you can also find Melody Club - popular pop/synth rock band that rotates in speculation lists not the first year and can easily be this year The Ark with the song "The Hunter".
More fresh names are Loreen (first Idol participant who completely disappeared for years after the show) with the song "My Heart Is Refusing Me" co-written with Moh Denebi and Björn Djupström and even newer for big audience Simon Forsberg with Fredrik Kempe's song "Tid att andas" and Rasmus Viberg with "Social Butterfly" written by another schlager-veterans - Amir Aly and Henrik Wikström. I'm gonna tell you about them a bit later.

Another exciting news are for all who's gonna visit Sweden to see Melodifestivalen next year. Tickets sales will be open this Thursday on October 21st so you'll be able to buy them from outside of Sweden on http://ticnet.se Prices and dates of concerts and general rehearsals are mentioned here.

And the last news. This week has shortened amount of webbjokers participants to 100 so you can check the chart and take a look at which songs are still in competition and which are going to leave it next week here. We have 25 favorites left so keep hoping that someone of them will reach the final!

Nadina - Change of heart (127)
Engla - Don't stop (142)
Jonas Matsson - On my own (240)
Mona Ersare - Over the Rooftops (245)
Ghena - Stand here (269)
Maliq - Believe in me (115)
Anna Palmér - Echo (147)

Eurovision pop
OneVoice - Varje steg (299)

Emil Johannisson - En sekund (153)
Göran Frödin - Kan du inte välja mig (#206)
Trison - Lovar & svär (211)

Fredrik och Magnus - Get out (162)
Adam Sandahl - Att vakna vid din sida (112)
Marcus & Fredrik - She's making my day (261)
Predicament - A fist full of maybe (104)
MLVNS - Denight (139)

Natalie - Just a dream (204)
Conny Andersson - Kura Skymning (208)
Lise Edman - Ta mig som jag är (329)

Ann-Christine Johansson - Sanningen ska segra (255)

Ballad pop
Julia Alvgard - Better or worse (118)
Niklas Dahlquist - Här står jag för dig (180)
Fabian - Simple life (262)

Keylas - Crying in my dreams (131)

Anton & Dejo - I wanna be with you (185)

By the way you can already mention logo of Melodifestivalen with silver gradient background in sales shops so seems like we've got new color of Melodifestivalen-2011!

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Paul said...

"everything points to the saddest most heartbreaking ballad ever" Hahahahaha. Amazing.

I am most excited about the solo return of Danny :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting us on your toplist! Love from Onevoice!

Anonymous said...

Keep on voting folks.......


Damian said...

Yes Paul, Danny's comeback on MF or wthout any competition can't be not exciting, seems like we've never had his collaborations with Peter Boström before so it's gonna be at least very-very nice track.

Thanx for your song OneVoice! Your sweet schlager has really lighten up the contest. Good luck!

Lise is it you? If it's you, huge respect for your work, that fantastic expression of your work makes me smile really wide all the song, it brings amazing positive feelings. Best wishes!