Monday, October 18, 2010

Salem Al Fakir - Split My Personality

After wild summer of tours around Sweden Salem Al Fakir's ready to promote his successful album "Ignore This" with new single "Split My Personality" that's already playing on the radio and planned to be released soon digitally.
"Split My Personality" sounds like the best choise for Autumn single, it's very touching sad track with dark mysterious instrumental part opening in beautiful melody of chorus. It's a bit more commercial and accessible than "4 O'clock" and atmospherically it's just made to be released in this season so it's gonna give a new push to Salem's music.
Thanx for the tips to Planet Salem.

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Dennis Alexis Hellström said...

Svar: Kul att du också gillar Jennys album! :)

Disco som du kanske kan gilla:

Myfizzypop said...

Such a great single choice. Salem's album is one that has really grown on me throughout 2010 and been a solid listen every single time :)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

I think that's a very nice description of the song. Thanks (again) for the mention, I've also given this post a mention over at Planet Salem too, so hopefully lots of the readers will come and visit Swedish Stereo :)

I always thought "Split My Personality" was one of Salem's most "contemporary" songs. By that I mean that it could do very well internationally as it has that very anthemic "Coldplay-sound" which could reach out to a lot of people who maybe didn't like his other material. Of course to us fans it just shows off yet another side of his vast musical talent!

It's dark, yet uplifting, and yes, it's very appropriate for this time of year.

Damian said...

Glad you agree with me about great choise for this season, my friends :)
I'm sure if Salem would be Brittish star "Split My Personality" would already be international hit spinning on the radio and MTV, it's one of the most his "democratic" songs and I don't know which commercial chances single from album released in Spring can have but hope it will go huge on the radio.