Saturday, October 30, 2010

Di Leva's night at "Så mycket bättre"

This Saturday we've got new episode of "Så mycket bättre" and this time artists made covers for Di Leva's biggest hits. Thomas Di Leva is one of the most special artists of Sweden, popular but performing not so accessible music for most of non-Swedish listeners, so to be honestly there weren't songs I've fallen for but still we had amazing Petra Marklund that automatically made whole thing interesting for me. This time Petra as expected showed her new side with indie-smelling track "Vem ska jag tro på" with emotional rise in the end, you should check this performance. And as I can't recommend you any other covers I'm attaching another old Petra's cover for Dilba's classic hit "I'm Sorry" that she performed in the beginning of her career.

Lill-Babs - Vi får vingar när vi älskar
September - Vem ska jag tro på
Lasse Berghagen - Vi har bara varandra
Plura - Miraklet
Petter - Dansa din djävul
Christer Sandelin - Naked number one

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