Friday, October 15, 2010

Webbjoker for Melodifestivalen-2011: Eurovision pop/Schlager/Dansband/Pop-group

We keep investigating next bunch of candidates for Melodifestivalen-2011 and turn to more usual categories for Melodifestivalen - Eurovision pop and Schlager/dansband (+ Pop-group). Let's see what interesting we can find here.

Eurovision pop

Robin Kvarnström - Love you enough (#212) - dynamic pop-song with anthemic chorus and killing beat.
Emil Nyström - Millionaire (#219) - another song with lovely built pop-chorus and growing verses.
Joe Summer - Never let you go (#230) - club-track with nice dance-hook.
Never alone - Stop! (#277) - 80s stadium rock mixed with Eurovision feeling.
OneVoice - Varje steg (#299) - retro-schlager performed by twins, simple but very hypnotizing track.


Emil Johannisson - En sekund (#153) - 10-20 years ago this song could become MF-classic, however it's beautiful.
Gustav Lindskog - Hanna stanna (#167) - minimalistic in everything, but utterly catchy.
Göran Frödin - Kan du inte välja mig (#206) - another song with nice Eurovision-from-the-past feeling but this one reminds songs from the beginning of 00s.
Trison - Lovar & svär (#211) - happy song with Cheiron inspired production.


MTM - Come back baby (#121) - melodic teen-punk-rock poppier enough to fall into this category.
MLVNS - Denight (#139) - electro-track, original but definitely having something hypnotizing.
Kliniken - En dröm i december (#151) - uplifting pop-rock song with fresh atmosphere.
Fredrik och Magnus - Get out (#162) - great summerish song in the same league with Oskar Linnros "Från Och Med Du". One of our favorites in competition!
Souled Out - I will only try (#201) - nice mix of 80s pop and beautiful melody making it quite actual.
Marcus & Fredrik - She's making my day (#261) - radio-friendly guitar-pop.
Predicament - A fist full of maybe (#104) - calm rhythmic guitar-pop song with nice melody.
Adam Sandahl - Att vakna vid din sida (#112) - though this year Adam's song is not so strong I can't help mentioning it because it's old good webbjoker-veteran Adam. And he gets naked again! :))

And one more time make sure you didn't forget to vote for Horoscope's "Drama" in Pop-group category because it worth it and it's ours so please support us, we need it so much!!!!!!!!

4 коммент.:

Paul said...

can people outside of sweden vote? I'm so there if we can :) Loving a bit of Drama!

Damian said...

Thanx so much Paul!!! Unfortunately only people in Sweden can but I appreciate your support so much! Thank you! :)

Dwayne said...

I find I'm loving some of these songs, but the people singing them are all wrong. These are like rough drafts, right?

Damian said...

Yes-yes, it's contest among amateurs so not all of them have studio and producers to work on the stuff. Winners will get proper professional upgrade.