Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Pusher - Blinded By The Dark

It's always exciting when some brilliant pop-songwriter starts his own project and moreover when he has a nice voice and builds basic conception of project with all seriousness of previous experience.
Jakob Erixson - half of famous songwriting duo Holter/Erixson recently has built his own band Fashion presenting loads of pretty amazing new pop-rock stuff with loads great melodies you could enjoy before in songs of Amy Diamond, Kostas Martakis, Industry and tons of productions and mixes of many other Swedish top-artists where Jakob was involved in. If you've been following live-shows on TV this Summer you could also notice Fashion as live band behind many pop-artists so hopefully very soon we'll see them on these events as independent artists.
When I've been waiting for official release of the first band's single "Blinded By The Dark" Fashion already managed to change their name to The Pusher and though single is somewhere very close I guess I should finally present it before band will change name again or staff or will break up and return again.
"Blinded By The Dark" along with other The Pusher's songs is beautiful pop-rock track with broken feelings but living hope and massive freedom spirit. No need to say all elements of production are on a highest level and tune is pure perfection. You should also check the rest of their stuff as 100% of it deserves your attention. Go and check them if you didn't yet!!!

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Paul said...

Oh it's just like when daggers became Hurts! I like this, think they have a great look, little bit quirky. can't wait to hear more from them :)

maycatdecal said...

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