Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brolle - Lovers' Battlefield

Brolle is the artist that I hardly try to fall for and and this is my new try. Finally artist who makes crowds of Swedish audience wild and constantly makes Top-10 singles and not less successful albums deserves some attention.
Well, one of the most popular Popstars show artists - Brolle presents new single - "Lovers' Battlefield". As the whole music concept of Brolle it's a guitar pop song with a bit screaming vocal and epic half-acoustic instrumental. Earlier this year Brolle released another single "Anything She Wants" from his "Best Of" compillation so fans should have not wait too long and here is brand new single that Brolle performed today at Nyhetsmorgon.
By the way recently I've discovered song "Solo i Stlm" in the list of MF-2008 rejects - right in a month after MF-2008 final Brolle released single "Solo i Stockholm" so with a big confidence we can suppose Brolle was one of rejected schlager-candidates two years ago.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

i actually like the cheap looking photoshop single cover a lot more than I like the song at the moment, but it is starting to grow on me!

Damian said...

Haha))) However I think there's something in this cover, something really loveable.