Thursday, October 14, 2010

He's just so unstoppable!

3 weeks ago Ola's new album debuted at #3 of Swedish chart (unfortunately not #1 that it deserves but still good result for label that just started its work) so we keep geting pieces of Ola everywhere.
Week ago we've got ability to see him with amazing Shirley Clamp in tv-show Doobidoo where they performed Lisa Nilsson's classic hit "Varje gång jag ser dig", loveliest performance of two loveliest artists!
Also recently Ola has uploaded new photosession to his Facebook page and now it's out in video with "All Over The World" as soundtrack, this is as enjoyable 1:30 of your time as whole new music video could be. Check it!

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

i am quite annoyed that Ola seems to be getting more good looking as he gets older whereas my face seems to be getting more and more like a melting halloween mask :(

Damian said...

Come on Paul! You're looking great! How old are you? 22-23? Ok, maximum 25! In few years Ola's gonna call you to ask how to stay fresh as successfuly!