Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dance weekend (part 2)

Hope your weekend still keeps not boring and you get as much of relax and fun as you can! As I promised I continue to present some mixes I didn't have time to talk about before and here's another bunch of them.

First one is made by Benji Of Sweden to Rebound's last single "Not Helpless", unlike first #1 single "Hurricane" second group's single hasn't charted at all so it's got very nice remix treatment and plans for the third single. Very exciting news as first two singles were all sorts of amazing!

Another last Idol successful participant Tove Styrke was as well on fire this Summer appearing in the most popular TV-shows promoting her debut single "Million Pieces". Though we've got promises to get debut Tove's album this Autumn due to silence around her new releases we're not gonna get something fast but she also gets remix support from electro-artists - popular band Familjen.

Broken Door is ready for another hit after their previous single "Angel" and it's gonna be another song that we've told you about earlier this year - "In The Shadow (Sunday Morning)". As well to all fans of Da Buzz (where Pier Schmid also particpates) we can happily announce that group is going to return in a full mode in the beginning of next year so probably soon we'll be able to enjoy music of both projects. And now you can check another mix for "Angel" from Benji of Sweden.

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Anonymous said...

D: Not Helpless is so good I wish it was no1 on the chart!!!