Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Webbjokers-2010 to Webbjokers-2011

Right before the start of new Melodifestivalen webbjoker-contest (pre-part of MF where only unsigned artists can compete) winners of previous season MiSt are finally releasing their song "Come and Get Me Now" in new revamped version (diferent from what we've heard at MF). Honestly year ago I was quite sceptic about this song but when it turned to gorgeous dansband-schlager I've completely fallen for this song. I'll remind you that MiSt is Mia Terngård and Stefan Lebert and when contest version was performed by Highlights this new released one is performed by Stefan and Mia, it's also got remix-treatment that you can hear along with radio-version here.

Talking about new webbjoker-contest - already next week we're gonna listen 2 songs which will be performed at Melodifestivalen-2011, this time contest has got 424 webbjoker-candidates (year ago there were just 180) and the final will be held on November 8th when viewers will choose 2 out of 5 songs, it feels undoubtfully exciting and I'm gonna check all candidates and let you know about most interesting ones.

Talking about main contest, it has beaten records of received songs (3832) and like it happens every year media goes wild about possible participants, Expressen presents long list of artists which we can see next year, Aftonbladet speaks about comeback of songwriting trio Norell Oson Bard with the song for dansband Lasse Stefanz, Magnus Carlsson and Eric Saade give hints about their wish to participate and Sarah Dawn Finer anounces that she doesn't plan to compete this time. It's gonna be more and more interesting when we'll get titles of songs and songwriters chosen by jury but let's move to something more real and close - webbjoker contest that will start already on October 11th. I'm gonna present you my three favorites of previous year.
It's Carmen with amazing italo-disco-schlager "Stai Stai" that could fit Melodifestivalen stage perfectly (I should say choreography in video is completely brilliant, a bit unsynchronized but come on! Who cares when the song is so enjoyable?). Another one is Siberia "Hot for the night" - something that could sound fantastic with Empire Music Production revamp, Star Pilots could kill to get this combination of 80s rock and dance-power (by the way Scotts actually released one of webbjokers "När vi har landat" afterwards). And one more work is by Fredrik & Magnus "Slagen av Kärleken" - pleasant relaxing pop-song with velvet Magnus' voice and charming atmosphere. This band also had another song "Happy Thoughts" that came further in contest and due to announcement on their site they're gonna come back this year!

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