Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jenny Berggren - My Story

Jenny Berggren's album "My Story" is finally out and we get one of undoubtfully best Swedish pop-releases of the year!
When new Ace Of Base has made attempt to mark their new music with their original 90s sound surprisingly it turned to sound like completely different project, nice but having almost nothing common with old Ace Of Base, otherwise Jenny doesn't seem to be eager to stuck on Ace Of Base sound but it comes naturally that it's she who sounds like Ace Of Base of new generation - familiar and so beloved but grown and evaluated.

1. Intro - Spiritual mystic rising choir with "Free Me" beat moving closer.
2. Free Me - Jenny's answer to Womanizer with wild synth and infectious beat, track definitely sounds more interesting in whole album's conception.
3. Living In A Circus - circus orchestra and cabaret melodics of verses blasting with loud pop-choruses.
4. Spend This Night - track starts with charming trance vocals switching to fairytale bells in enigmatic verses and passionate and more straight choruses.
5. Dying To Stay Alive - I guess everyone who hears this track mentions similarity with "Beautiful Life" so do I. Dark industrial verses with agressive beat are growing to wild dance agony and infectious Ace Of Base breathing "o-o-o".
6. Numb - very touching sincere track stepping on a glass in a vein of Lara Fabian's heartbreaking ballads.
7. Gotta Go - one of the most hit-sounding tracks of the album sounding like a mix of Kylie's "Get Outta My Way" and Mel C's "I Turn To You" in modern dance cover of choruses and tasty pop-rock verses.
8. Here I Am - anthemic disco-debut of Jenny with smooth verses and pop-ecstatic chorus that officially presented comeback of Jenny earlier this year.
9. Give Me The Faith - soulfull euro-ballad, complicated, moving, originally structured and growing by its own rules.
10. Beat Of My Heart - you could expect this track from first albums of Alcazar with latino-vibes and twisty base.
11. Air Of Love - one of the best songs on the album, starting with cold verses opening in amazing flying melody of chorus.
12. Natural Superstar - European dance-track with chill-out verses and choruses built on catchy whistle sample.
13. Here I Amsthlm Sound Radio Remix - it's not mix from Here I Am single, more dancey club mix that could be easily found on any dancefloor.
14. Going Home - guitar pop-track with folk-melody, charming violins part and great finishing of the album!

Once I've read on Rickard Engfors blog that what he likes the most in Jenny is that she's very natural person who's not afraid to be herself and never trying to make someone else. That's what album is about! It's Jenny and her own story, she doesn't try to meet requirements of some actual brands which some others artists are eager to copy in a search of success. Otherwise she knows what her fans expect from her and doesn't go experimental as she was and stays europop-artist so she gives different pieces of the most different sides of her music naturally and with pleasure creating her own world and writing her own story that you're living through with her from the first till the last track. So don't hesitate to check its preview above right now!

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Olivier said...

Great review Damian, and I aggre with you with all you're saying :)
Jenny did a great job and some songs reminds me of Celine Dion sometimes...
I hope she'll release "Air Of Love and "Dying to Stay Alive" as singles. Team Jenny :D

Damian said...

Thanks so much Olivier :) I didn't think about Celine but probably if we speak about huge personality in these songs than yes, I see your point :)
Oh, and "Air Of Love" and "Dying to Stay Alive" are my favorites too (apart from Here I Am and Gotta Go) - really hope they will be promoted later :)

Anonymous said...

Congradulation For your GREAT ALBUM, i cant stop listoning to this album

Anonymous said...

Well put; The new Ace.of.Base is definitely far from sounding like Ace of Base (although not a completely worthless album either) whereas Jenny has managed to deliver us a rich album with some familiar Ace of Base element, of course topped up with her voice. Most importantly, like you cleverly pointed out, Jenny's album is up to date. Her sound is up there competing with the likes of Kylie Minogue.

Just a thought, wouldn't it be perfect if Linn as well went on to produce something as precious as this new Berggren album? :D