Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another part of Idol-finalists

Few days ago I told about first two Idol participants who were selected by audience and got their tickets to Friday shows stage. Here we have another 4 successful contestants.
This year contest from the first sight from audition looked in my opinion lacking unique commercial characters but on pre-final stage it turned so that vocal level of chosen artists was very stable and strong so many who deserved to go further couldn't do it. However they still have hope to get through as jury's wildcards and we'll know these lucky contestants already this Friday.
Huge favorites Alice Hagenbrant and Jay Smith haven't deceived expectations of public and got to the final together with Andreas Weise (son of popular tv-host Arne Weise) and Minnah Karlsson - girl with one of the best auditions this year in my opinion. However I should mention as well amazing performance of Daniel Norberg, loveliest Elin Blom and very nice performances of Simon Lingmerth, Sassa Bodensjö and Michaela Osberg who unfortunately haven't qualified but hope will be supported by jury.
Watch second evening-show here and third here.

Minnah Karlsson - Not ready to make nice
Daniel Norberg - High and dry
Malin Brännlund - Thank you
Jay Smith - Wherever you will go
Michaela Osberg - When I look at you
Simon Lingmerth - Kiss
Björn Nagander - Cryin
Alice Hagenbrant - One
Andreas Weise - I believe I can fly
Elin Blom - Nothing else matters
Sassa Bodensjö - Highway to hell
Emil Carlsson - The boxer

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Myfizzypop said...

I really like Minnah but wasn't overly taken with the rest. However, i will give them a chance to shine once the live shows start - when is that btw?!

Damian said...

Minnah is my favorite along with Linda Varg as well, I start to fall for Jay Smith, guy being such a rock-wolf looks so shy, hope jury will choose some interesting candidates today. Live shows starts from next week by Fridays.